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February 2023
An opportunity has arisen for a self-employed individual to take on the role of Lengthsman for Cabus Parish Council. This is a varied outdoor role involving a range of work, including maintenance of verges, hedges and gullies, litter picking, grass strimming etc. The contract will be for an average of 5 hours per week, for 35 weeks per annum, commencing from April 1, 2023. Hourly rate of pay is £14. The Parish Lengthsman also receives a 50% contribution towards the cost of their Public Liability Insurance and all expenses associated with materials purchased for work undertaken on behalf of the Parish Council (woodstain/fuel/paint etc) are paid for by the Parish Council.For further information and to apply please contact the Cabus Parish Clerk (Louise Banton) on 01995 601618 or email

January 2023

Rolling update of Climate Measures Discussed at Cabus Parish Council Meetings since the Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency on 23.09.2019 - Climate Emergency Measures (.pdf)

April 2022

Cabus Parish Council publishes another leaflet promoting walks in and around Cabus - this time, it's a 'Country Walk in Cabus' which brings the complement of local Cabus Leaflets to three:

Cabus Parish Council publishes another leaflet promoting walks in and around Cabus - this time, it's a canal walk through Cabus and Winmarleigh - download your copies here (including our Historic Cabus Map, published 2019), or pick up a copy in the Garstang Tourist information Centre.


Climate Change Ideas Welcomed - Cabus residents are invited to contact the Clerk with ideas that could be taken up by Wyre Borough Council and Lancashire County Council for reducing/offsetting carbon emissions (see also: All ideas welcomed!  

Bus stop on A6 near Gubberford Lane - LCC Highways work to clear drains and resolve the pavement issue which has contributed to the flooding of the bus stop in this area. A vast improvement for Cabus and hopefully this will finally resolve the long standing issue of flooding at the bus stop. Before and after photos are below.

Photo of flooding at bus stop on A6 near Gubberford Lane

Photo of bus stop on A6 by Gubberford Lane after work undertaken to stop the flooding in Sept 2020


Cabus Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency at its meeting on 23.09.2019 and considered active measures by which to positively contribute to the overall reduction /offsetting of Carbon Emissions within its realm of influence, activities, duties and powers. This will be a standing item on forthcoming Cabus Parish Council agendas.